2011 Smashbash Local Music Festival


SUNDAY August 28, 2011


Monday, August 15, 2011

Muscle Hawk wants to make a music video. And so...

The up and coming duo of Muscle Hawk have been inspiring people to tear up the dance floor with their unique brand of electro music wherever they've been spotted. The time has come to showcase their musical talents and ability to entertain the world with a music video that will get you off your butts and onto your feet, while also providing a visual feast that is like nothing you've seen before.

After Smashbash we will be holding... a fundraiser to help Muscle Hawk reach their goal of $5,000 ($3,060 is needed to date). There will be performances by Muscle Hawk, Samuel Smith Band, Lady Murasaki and Gravy.Tron!

Greg & Josh will be auctioned off to do a DJ set at the winner's party of choice.

In addition there will be a live auction where people can bid on a date with:

Amber (Lady Murasaki)
Cale (Dirty Blonde)
Camden (Suicycles)
Dago (The Last Look)
Gillian (Booking Agent)
Kaci (Bar Deluxe)
Megan (Film Maker)
Nikole (Promoter/Manager)
Sam (Samuel Smith Band)

Muscle Hawk Kickstarter Page for "Electric Light"


Our final line up:

Rockfish  Stage

Smashbash Amphitheater

10:00 AM
Nate Francis

The Animals Know
Swinging Lights

Fox Van Cleef
Fail to Follow

MC Pigpen
1:00 PM
Ryan Darton

Scenic Byway
2:00 PM
Wayne Hoskins Band

2:30 PM
Eyes Lips Eyes
Dark Seas

Toy Bombs
Max Pain & the Groovies

I Capture Castle

5:00 PM
Dirty Blonde

Red Dog Revival
6:00 PM
Long Distance Operator

6:30 PM
King Niko
DJ RoboRob

Muscle Hawk

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's been a while

I promise I will update this SOON!! Please add me on Facebook to see what's up.
Buy your tickets!!
smashbash2011tix.eventbrite.com $5!!!!!

or you can pay $8.00 day of.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MC Pigpen

You could read this about MC Pigpen, one of Smashbash's 2011 artists to tear it up!!

MC Pigpen is rapidly becoming a name in the world of underground hip-hop that you should remember.  Having been on five tours in the last 2 years and pushing his music from coast to coast, it’s clear that MC Pigpen isn’t about to slow down anytime soon.
MC Pigpen has a full length album out with the “Rek CenterAll-Stars” and a full length solo album titled “Swine Sampler”.  The emcee is also working on a full album with  SLC local Pat Maine, which will be released this winter.
 Over his lengthy decade long career, MC Pigpen has had the opportunity to not only share the stage with many of the greats and legends in the hip-hop world but also tour with them as well. Having been on stage withthe likes of KRS-One, WU-Tang Clan, and the Hieroglyphics and having toured with Josh Martinez, Ugly Duckling, One Belo, and a U.S. Tour with Edo G and Masta Ace.
MC Pigpen has been showcased at the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas and has played a variety of shows to consistently put his name out there over the last year.
The emcee who was born and raised in Denver, Colorado but now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah when he isn’t touring, by no means lacks what it takes to be one of the best. Having the ability to produce witty yet lyrical stories through his words while still keeping it raw and fun at the same time.
You can find the MC Pigpen currently on a 60+ city nationwide tour now.  Joining him is the likes of Pat Maine, Dusk One, and DJ Street Jesus.

Smashbash's Facebook page


CHECK IT! woot.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dance Party at Smashbash...

Our cronie DJ RoboRob is kickin' up the festivities at Smashbash with a set of electronic madness. Welcome to the partay Mr. RoboRob! Mst.

Our newest friends to play with us at Smashbash 2011

Go see them at Warped Tour! Then a few days later....@ Smashbash!!!!
The results are in. I Capture Castle has landed a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at this year’s Vans Warped Tour. Be sure to catch them in Salt Lake City, as they open the all-day event featuring A Skylit Drive, Eyes Set To Kill, Terrible Things, There For Tomorrow, and Cold Forty Three.
Pretty exciting isn't it :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burts Burts Burts Tiki

Go see Fail to Follow tear up Burts Tiki Lounge on June 30. Yeah it's a Thursday. But weekends start on Thursdeeeeees!

Fox and Dirty=dirty fox. Go see it.

Saturday, July 30 at 9:00pm - July 31 at 1:00am


2408 Adams Avenue

What you never make it out to O-Town?!

check it...you should recognize the musik..


If you missed it..

If you missed National Skate Day with the Skate4Homies event, here are some pics. Sure to arouse. Get out and Skate. oh..and Max Pain was there jammin' too!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Something to do for Family Home Evening..

Dark Seas

Oh hey! Nice to see you again. Look who we just added to our killer line up at SMASHBASH!! Dark Seas. You will know them soon enough darlings..

Support our bands!

Dirty Blonde is up for Utah Band Review's "Band Of The Week" help them out and go vote!!! www.utahbandreview.blogspot.com Voting is open all week!

you have 6 days to vote. Do it!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


OUR LOVEY DOVEY LOVES THE SWINGING LIGHTS ARE PLAYING AT 5 MONKEYS ON FRIDAY!! Go support one of Smashbash's bands do their thang.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Max Pain and the Groovies/Red Dog Revival

Oh Hi kids. Please go see our cronies Max Pain and Red Dog Revival at Urban next Wednesday. It's fun as shiz! Meet me there?

Monday, June 6, 2011


We love the Suicycles! Just saw them rock it out at Pride. It was HOT. the band..not the weather..well it was really hot outside though..ANYWAY.
See our lovely boys in Muscle Hawk and Dirty Blonde rock your pants off. yipeeee


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