2011 Smashbash Local Music Festival


SUNDAY August 28, 2011


Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Way to Give..

Recently, we have had an organization that has touched our hearts come into our lives. Hope Kids is an non-profit group that helps kids and families that have cancer, or life threatening disease develop hope, acceptance, and the will to live. A quote from their website:
"We have an ongoing program of regular highly-anticipated events and activities to which all the children and their families in our program are invited.   This helps restore fun, excitement and hope to what can be a difficult and uncertain future.  Believing that the power of a "wish" is in the anticipation, we have created a program where there is constant anticipation of what is coming next, strengthening a child's ability and willingness to fight."

The SmashBash festival is donating part of the proceeds from door entry fees ($5 per person) to this inspiring foundation, in the Salt Lake City Chapter of Hope Kids. We appreciate the hard work that C.R. and Amy Oldham are putting into this organization to help families and children to regain hope.

If you would like to donate, or learn more about Hope Kids please go to: https://www.hopekids.org/secure/donatenow.aspx

Creating buzzz

Hi everyone! Yes, you have come to the number 1 source for information on the upcoming SmashBash 2011 being held at the Gallivan Center. Featuring all local bands, local food, local beer, local people, maybe some out of towners may be hanging around, but oh well. We love our talent in the S.L.U.T.! This festival is supposed to help you find new music, friends, open up your horizons to new foods, vendors, and maybe some new hobbies! So. Here's what you do now.

-Keep Sunday August 28, 2011 open. The Gallivan Center will be spankin' new by then!
-Visit our artist's pages for music, info, upcoming shows, etc.

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