2011 Smashbash Local Music Festival


SUNDAY August 28, 2011


Monday, August 15, 2011

Muscle Hawk wants to make a music video. And so...

The up and coming duo of Muscle Hawk have been inspiring people to tear up the dance floor with their unique brand of electro music wherever they've been spotted. The time has come to showcase their musical talents and ability to entertain the world with a music video that will get you off your butts and onto your feet, while also providing a visual feast that is like nothing you've seen before.

After Smashbash we will be holding... a fundraiser to help Muscle Hawk reach their goal of $5,000 ($3,060 is needed to date). There will be performances by Muscle Hawk, Samuel Smith Band, Lady Murasaki and Gravy.Tron!

Greg & Josh will be auctioned off to do a DJ set at the winner's party of choice.

In addition there will be a live auction where people can bid on a date with:

Amber (Lady Murasaki)
Cale (Dirty Blonde)
Camden (Suicycles)
Dago (The Last Look)
Gillian (Booking Agent)
Kaci (Bar Deluxe)
Megan (Film Maker)
Nikole (Promoter/Manager)
Sam (Samuel Smith Band)

Muscle Hawk Kickstarter Page for "Electric Light"