2011 Smashbash Local Music Festival


SUNDAY August 28, 2011


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creating buzzz

Hi everyone! Yes, you have come to the number 1 source for information on the upcoming SmashBash 2011 being held at the Gallivan Center. Featuring all local bands, local food, local beer, local people, maybe some out of towners may be hanging around, but oh well. We love our talent in the S.L.U.T.! This festival is supposed to help you find new music, friends, open up your horizons to new foods, vendors, and maybe some new hobbies! So. Here's what you do now.

-Keep Sunday August 28, 2011 open. The Gallivan Center will be spankin' new by then!
-Visit our artist's pages for music, info, upcoming shows, etc.

Share this blog with your buddies. It's gonna be big.